• Engagement

In the modern era, where boundaries between the virtual and physical worlds become increasingly porous, digital engagement has evolved into a crucial tool for building relationships with current and future customers. Consumers today have access to material through a rising number of channels, and they have higher expectations for individualized experiences. Furthermore, how well your firm makes relevant material available across digital and physical realms may have a significant impact on consumer perception.

At Neovation, we specialize in development of customized content platforms for your specific business needs to better manage your digital assets for contextual usage, targeting and presentation.

We create outstanding content and use it to provide a consistent, captivating, and contextually relevant experience to your clients across all digital touchpoints.

We invite you to challenge us and wecommit to developing the best practical solutions for your unique requirements.

We excel in end-to-end management of key digital engagement platforms & strategies:

HCP Portals :

As our HCPs become busier, their need for updated medical content remains unmet. At Neovation, we are experts at developing multifunctional, one-stop solution portals that provide incisive, educational and clinical overview for cross functional learning for HCPs and regional pharmaceutical representatives in the therapy area of interest.

Our portals include, but are not limited to the following features:

Exclusivity: The STR portal provides exclusive access to scientific and clinical content to registered HCPs only.

Contextually Relevant Content: : Scientific and clinical content based on your strategic imperatives. Expandable Content can include Whiteboard animations, Podcasts, Visual Abstracts, Guidelines, Expert Panel discussions

Seamless Login: We strike a balance between a seamless login experience for busy HCPs and portal exclusivity for specialized medical content.

On-demand video library: with multi-language audio and subtitle support

Multi-pronged Engagement Strategy:for enhancing HCP interaction: Monthly Infographics, Event Live-Streaming and ChatBot.

We invite you to reach out to us with your requirements and we commit to develop a portal with your therapy area focus and business needs.

CRM Compatibility :

A lasting relationship with your customers and end users is key to their retention. Neovation can assist you in collecting, organizing and managing the customer information you gather as a part of your medical activities. This will not only optimize your marketing efforts, but also provide valuable business insights for your future endeavors. We make sure all our services are CRM compatible to compound the benefits that you gain from your medical initiatives.

Gamification :

Whether internal or external, your medical activities can be exponentially enhanced by gamification. In a world that is increasingly digital, virtual event/meeting fatigue is common. Work with us to take your virtual or live activities to the next level using the customized gamification strategy that we build for you.

The benefits include increased engagement, organizational productivity, knowledge retention and customer retention.

We invite you to challenge us with your vision and ideas and we will work with you to develop a robust gamification strategy completely customized for your objectives

Virtual Booths:

As the globe becomes more virtual, the possibility of displaying your company to a global audience has increased. Virtual booths allow you to present your product or service to a global audience without incurring the high costs of travelling international trade shows. Neovation collaborates with you to generate aesthetically appealing materials for your conference appearances. For a global audience, we oversee end-to-end medical content development and MLR evaluation.

Reach out to us with your virtual booth requirements and we will offer completely customized solutions for your business needs.


The podcast market is projected to grow at unprecedented rates and gives your business an additional communication channel to exploit. Our team of scientifically and technically qualified professionals manage end-to-end conceptualization and execution of your medical podcast.

We support agenda development, speaker identification, script writing, recording, promotion and distribution of your podcast.

Reach out to us with your requirements and we will offer completely customized solutions for your business needs.

Whiteboard Animations :

Struggling to make your medical content easily accessible to your end user? Neovation has a team of professionals scientifically, medically and technically qualified to understand your content needs to create engaging whiteboard animations that deliver your content in a contextually relevant manner.

Reach out to us with your requirements and we will offer completely customized solutions for your business needs.