Medical Writing and

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The medical writing team at Neovation consists of scientific experts who follow global standards and regulations, creating content that is impactful, concise, creative, accurate, and engaging.

Thanks to our diverse network of stakeholders, we excel in medical writing at various levels by cooperating with and instilling confidence in everyone involved.

With robust understanding of various therapy areas, diligent attention to scientific accuracy, and customized scientific communication for variable target audiences, we provide the highest quality of deliverables.

Medical Writing

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Scientific Slide Decks:

Expertise in simplifying the complex scientific content into visually appealing presentations without compromising on data accuracy and quality.

Publication Plan Development:

Experienced, cross functional team that can identify key literature gaps and adhere to client specific SOPs for developing publication plans.

Manuscripts, Posters, Abstracts Development:

With a high proportion of PhDs in the medical writing team, we are well versed with best practices for developing scientific manuscripts, posters, or abstracts.

Scientific Events & Advisory Board Reports:

TWe assist clients in execution of international advisory boards, webinars, workshops and assist stakeholders with scientific content creation, audience engagement strategies, and post meeting executive summary reports.

Scientific Questionnaires:

Our team of PhDs deep dive into scientific literature to generate engaging questionnaires for KOLs and MSLs.

Medical/Legal/Regulatory Compliance:

Therapeutics area-specific content review, referencing and copyright mitigation for targeted medical education programmes 

Newsletters and Emailers:

Creation of high-quality infographic newsletters for wide variety of audiences.

Podcast and Video scripts:

Creation of interactive or narrative, referenced podcast scripts for generating educational medical podcasts; creation of impactful video story boards for generating short, crisp, and educational videos.

Medical Transcription:

Transcription of audio/video formats into text based digital format to generate proof-read accurate transcripts for scientific events.

Congress Coverage:

Pre-Congress/Post-Congress slide decks .

Real World Evidence (RWE) Publications:

We heavily engaged in global registries and health system studies for rare diseases, and we've worked with RWD from different regions of the globe.

  • We are happy to help our clients achieve their goals by:

  • Development of RWE publication plans

  • Systematic analysis and data sorting from registries

  • Suitable journal search for prospective articles, manuscript drafting, identifying of suitable congress/conference/symposia, development of poster and abstracts with most relevant facts.

  • Our services also include assisting key opinion leaders (KOLs), health care professionals (HCPs) engagement and accelerate the project execution by providing end-to end support for project related events, ad-boards and global meetings.